Pet Friendly

Hanoob Views – A Pet’s Paradise

At Hanoob Views, we believe that a getaway is not complete without your furry friends. Nestled in the serene landscape of the Scenic Rim in South East Queensland, our country retreat is not only dog friendly but also a haven for cats and other pets. We invite you and your beloved animals to unwind in the comfort of our scenic accommodation.

Why Choose Hanoob Views for Your Pet-Friendly Stay?

  • All Pets Welcome: While we are popularly known for being dog-friendly, we are excited to host cats and other pets too! Whether you’re bringing a frisky feline or a serene bunny, we’re prepared to make their stay as comfortable as yours.
  • Space to Explore: Our location offers expansive outdoor spaces for your pets to roam and explore. Imagine your dog trotting along the trails or your cat curiously prowling through the grass.
  • Pet Amenities: We provide pet beds, feeding bowls, and special treats to make your pet’s stay as enjoyable as possible.
  • Safety First: The safety of your pets is paramount. Our retreat is designed to ensure that all pets can safely enjoy their surroundings without the worry of busy roads or restricted areas.

Local Pet-Friendly Activities

Just 20 minutes from the town of Boonah, our retreat serves as the perfect base for pet-friendly adventures. Explore local wineries and eateries where pets are warmly welcomed, and enjoy walking trails that offer breathtaking views and a peaceful environment for you and your pets to enjoy together.

Your Perfect Pet-Friendly Accommodation

Choose from our range of pet-friendly lodging options, where each setting provides a cozy, safe, and welcoming atmosphere for your pets. From our standard rooms to luxury accommodations, all are equipped to host you and your pets with utmost comfort.

Join Us for a Memorable Stay

Pack your bags and your pet’s favorite toys for a memorable escape to Hanoob Views, where every member of the family is treasured. Experience the peaceful serenity of our country retreat, and create unforgettable memories with your pets by your side.

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